Reusable Face Mask Star


Stay safe and be stylish with this exclusive hand decorated protective face mask. The face mask is made from two breathable layers. Very soft and lightweight material ensures your comfort. SilverPlus® finish, applied to the inner layer will help to kill bacteria, thanks to its silver ions. Swarovski Crystals will add a touch of sparkle to your style. This face mask is ideal for special occasions.


  • Outer layer - 100% Cotton.
  • Inner layer - 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane (polyester is the best material for evaporating moisture, which is absorbed by the outer layer of cotton).
  • With SILVERPLUS® finish (SilverPlus® is a unique technology that stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, longer maintains hygiene and cleanliness).
  • Decorated with Crystals from Swarovski.


  • Comfortable fit, lightweight material.
  • Breathable and durable fabric.
  • Dustproof (ideal for beauty specialists, especially nails artists).
  • SilverPlus® antibacterial protection.
  • Very soft stretchy non-adjustable ear loops.
  • Washable for 30-50 times. Washing will not reduce the effect of SilverPlus® Finish. After 30-50 washes the antibacterial protection effect remains, but the effect weakens.

SIZE - one size fits adults only.


!!!We make no medical or health claims regarding to the usage of the mask!!!


  • Wash it before use.
  • Because of SilverPlus® finish, the mask is suitable for washing at low temperature without losing it’s antibacterial protection. Wash your item by hand (strongly recommended in order to prevent Swarovski crystals from damaging) or in the washing machine up to 40 degrees. DO NOT use any softeners. Wash with like colors.
  • DO NOT tumble dry. Leave the mask to drip-dry on a drying rack, in an airing cupboard, or outside on your washing line rather than putting it in the dryer.
  • The material itself is suitable for ironing, but we don’t recommend it, because the steam and the heat could possibly damage Swarovski crystals. If you still want to iron the mask, DO NOT iron directly on the decoration. We recommend to iron only the inner layer of the mask.

BE AWARE that due to the personal nature of this item, we do not accept any returns, unless the product arrives damaged or defective. However, your satisfaction with the purchase is our priority, so please contact us, if you have any problems with your order.


We do our best to make the product as accurately as possible, however:
• Due to COVID-19 supplies are limited, therefore the stones may slightly vary in shape, shade and size.
• If a particular stone is no longer available, we will use our discretion in choosing an alternative stone for the same one you’ve selected.

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